Velvet Yaseen Gift Set

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    Product Description

    Our Islamic Sets are unique gift for Ramadan Gifts, Islamic Gift, Wedding Gifts, Engagement Favors, Mevlut Favors, Ameen Favors, Hajj Favors, Welcoming favors, Hadj Events or any of your special days.
    Our Sets are carefully prepared to enliven your special days.
    Islamic Gift sets are in Arabic as standard. Our Yaseen sets are elegant, high-grade and adaptative.
    -Prayer Rug
    -Cotton Shawl (100cm)
    -Slub Book Pouch with Brooch and Tassel
    -Yaseen Book with Special Shantug Bag
    -Tasbeeh (99 pcs.)
    Boxes Size: 240x 210 mm ( 9.44 ” x 8.26 ” )
    Yaseen Size: 130×170 mm ( 5.11 ” x 6.69 ” )
    Minimum Quantity: 1 pcs


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